Facebook shops for Cross Border eCommerce

Anyone with teenagers or young adults would be forgiven for thinking that Facebook.com is a dead platform, with Instagram, Tiktok and formerly SnapChat taking center stage. In reality though, Facebook monthly usages is still out of reach of any of these others and continues to grow globally. 70% of American’s use Facebook regularly as do, for example, 49% of Polish.

With that in mind, the advent of shop fronts on Facebook is something for all retailers to look into. It’s not clear yet how targeted results from search will be and how much space products from overseas will have, but you probably already have a Facebook page (if not, set one up quick!) so adding a store front to your page is a must.

It’s also pretty straightforward. Facebook has been working with some partners, like Shopify and Bigcommerce to make it easy to connect stores. If you don’t use one of these partner platforms you can set up a store from your Facebook page directly.

Look out for Add Shop Section link. Click this then go through the following steps:

  • Agree to T&Cs
  • Add Business Details, Description and Payment Facility
  • Add Products to your shop

That’s pretty much it to get you started. You’ll need to follow some guidelines about product listings of course but then you create some Collections to make your store front look OK and you’re good to go.

You can get all the details you need from Facebook’s Shop Business pages here and if you work with any of the partners you can check the links below:

We will keep an track on performance of this overseas and keep you updated. For now, get started and don’t miss out.

About Mark Ellis

Mark is the VP for Growth and Partnerships at Webinterpret, a leading Cross Border Technology company. Before that Mark was leading the operations for eBay's European cross border program. He has over 20 years of eCommerce industry experience, guiding and delivering strategic change in retailers, working with companies such as Dyson, Regatta, Boots and Arcadia Group, leading multi-million dollar programs for industry giants like Dunnhumby and working with small businesses delivering innovative retail solutions.

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