7 Tips to Keep International Buyers Coming Back

As eCommerce grows even more than usual during these challenging times buyers are also finding themselves purchasing from international  retailers more often.  It’s a good time to take stock of your response to international buyers and try to keep them coming back for more.  Here we’ll cover 5 key ways to give your international buyers a better experience so that next time they won’t hesitate to buy from you

  1. Respond quickly to acknowledge their order.   Buying from a new retailer online can be daunting for many even in normal times.  The added uncertainty of the retailer being from a country the buyer doesn’t know in the middle of a pretty much global lockdown can add to their concerns.  So, when you get a new order from an overseas buyer try to drop them a quick, personalised note instead of sending only the usual automated message.  This puts a human behind the retail experience and gives confidence to your buyer. People trust people, not websites.
  2. Make sure your shipping is tracked end to end.  There’s nothing more unsettling than not knowing where your purchase is and this is more of an issue with international shipments.  Orders often change hands and service providers a few times when shipping over seas, before getting to the buyer, so make sure they can see where their order is. Just as importantly, make sure YOU know where the order is so you can respond to any questions your customer may have. 
  3. When the order has been delivered reach out to make sure they received it OK. This extra touch will bring you much appreciation from your buyer and helps to build trust for the next order. If your buyer tells you there’s an issue with the order, do everything you can to help them get over it quickly.
  4. If you’ve charged shipping, which is often necessary when sending overseas as the cost can be too much to put into your product price, provider a discounted shipping voucher for their next order. This can give them an extra incentive to make the second purchase and be the start of an new repeat customer.
  5. If the buyer wants to return and item make sure you offer a return policy that’s both legally compatible with the local laws and is also at the level they’re used to.  On top  of this make it easy to return and offer a system that lets them return locally, if possible.
  6. Give International Buyers a further benefit, perhaps a discount voucher or a free gift, if they share their experience on social media in their own language. This helps to build up a base of online trust in the buyers local market. If others can see that someone from their own country had a great experience they’re less likely to be put off with your store not being domestic.
  7. In a similar vein, make sure you have a review section on your site. This is pretty standard today  and if you can get reviews from buyers in multiple countries it will had further evidence to an potential international buyer looking to make sure you’re a safe bet to order from.

In general, you need to make sure you’re buyers are in safe hands ordering from you and as much as possible make it feel like a domestic order to them. Great service is the most important aspect in building trust and making sure your platforms are in order to ensure this is key.

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About Mark Ellis

Here on CBT Pulse Mark shares his knowledge and recommendations for International eCommerce and will shortly be releasing a manual for retailers on the subject. He is a specialist in helping grow retailer's sales overseas and has been leading international selling programs for marketplaces, SaaS companies and directly for retailers over 15 years. He started his career as a freelance software developer building eCommerce shops and marketing websites and has been involved in product development/delivery throughout his career.

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