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International SEO for eCommerce

SEO for your international sites is just as important as with your domestic market and language. Ranking highly on Search Engine’s is the life blood of many an online shop so you need to put the effort in to perform well internationally. Fortunately much of what is true domestically is …

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Machine Translation; Good or Bad?

Translation is a topic which can stir emotions! Especially for retailers selling internationally.  Historically the only way to get good translations was with a human who speaks both languages and has experience, ideally qualifications, in translating from one language to another.  With the advent of online translation engines many people …

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Why Localize my Products for International Buyers?

When getting started or planning for cross border trade the thought of localizing for different countries can be a daunting one. Let’s look at why you should do it and why it’s worth the effort.  We’ll look at some of the data that various companies have pulled together covering this …

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