Walmart CEO Updates on how they are Responding to the Pandemic

Yesterday on America’s NBC Today show Doug McMillon, Walmart’s CEO, gave an update on how they are responding to the on-going pandemic.

While paying tribute to their front line workers and to those in manufacturing keeping the supply chain open he also, at the end of the interview, gave some insight into what they are seeing regarding buyer behavior.

We’ve covered news on this a lot lately, given the situation, but here MCMillon talks about how things have progressed:

Firstly, as people stayed at home, Walmart saw an increase in consumables as did most grocery businesses around the world. Then he said they saw growth in Puzzels and Games, followed by educational tools for Children. Now they are seeing growth in grooming products such as hair care, trimming and color. In America, as with many countries you can’t currently access salons or barbers.

As it plays out longer we will no doubt see the next shift to different categories as people start to try to replicate their outside home lives inside and online.

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