Summer Sales Kick Starting Retail.

Focused on Fashion, the Amazon Summers Sale will reportedly start on 22nd June, confirmed to CNBC by an “Amazon Spokesperson”.

It is seemingly an invite only event and sellers are being asked to provide deals with at least 30% discounts to take part.

Prime Day, usually held Mid-July but roumers are that it will be postponed until September to enable Amazon to handle the continuing surge of orders driven by the on-going COVID-19 lock-down.

Meanwhile, Alibaba and JD have launched their annual 6.18 mid year shopping festivals. Inside the first few hours JD claimed a 400% growth (yoy) in luxury fashion goods.

Nearly 100,000 brands on TMall, nearly twice last years, are participating in this years event. A few hours into the event Apple reportedly sold $70m USD worth of products.

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