Muji Japan Opens on Amazon

As part of trend, which I believe will accelerate as a result of the lockdown the world is experiencing, many retailers are seeing the value of selling on Marketplaces as an additional channel to their own store.

Marketplaces bring a plethora of value to retailers and to consumers. They already out perform own platforms in Asia and Emerging Markets but Marketplaces are also growing faster than eCommerce in the Western world, meaning they will be taking more market share as time goes by.

Muji Japan, owned by Japan’s Ryohin Keikaku, have opened an Amazon store in Japan which is the first time they have sold Muji products outside their own eCommerce store. This is likely driven partly by the forced closure of their brick and mortar stores inside Japan and elsewhere, but the recognition that buyers who would go to Muji stores are likely to head instead to Amazon is important.

Selling on marketplaces is already a very widely done thing. With International Retail and Cross Border Trade you can expect retailers to list on Marketplaces more and more often as part of their standard international go to market strategy. Muji Japan is not doing this yet but as with others it’s likely that they will do so over time..

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