Growing and Declining Categories During March 2020

I’ve added a few news items around those categories doing well lately as I’m keen to express that it’s not all gloom and doom online. Yes, many retailers are struggling but also many are doing well. As always in times of hardship, there are winners and losers.

Helpfully Salckline, a retail data company from the US, posted a report on the top 100 growing and declining categories of March 2020 at the start of the virus in most Western countries.

Some not too surprising data in here such as 670% YoY growth of protective gloves but also some categories that bring to life the changes we’ve had to endure lately. For example the worst performing category in this study was luggage showing how people are not travelling at the moment. Also things like swimwear – there’s nowhere to go swimming !

The full data set is below and you can find the original article on Slackline’s site here.

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