Adobe Research Adds Weight to Selling Via Marketplaces

Last week Adobe Research reported via a press release the significance of marketplaces over retailers own websites in the UK. Of the 67% found to have purchased online between March and June 2020 (lock-down data!) over half of them, 57%, purchased from a marketplace seller compared to retailers own websites at 13%.

Adobe EMEA Marketing Director, Peter Bell, commented on marketplace’s ability to quickly establish a reputation for reliability and their ability to provide a wide range of goods as some of the reasons Marketplaces become a first point of call for buyers.

It’s not clear in the research if it is mostly Amazon and eBay or whether other marketplaces start to make a larger impact. None the less, it is another indication that, when selling into a country, be it domestic or international, it makes sense to have a significant presence on local marketplaces.

Read the full press release here

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