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Welcome to a practical guide to Cross Border Trade and International eCommerce. Originally, this was going to be a book but revisiting it after some time away I decided it would be best suited to online where I can keep it regularly updated.

Making the most out of the CBT opportunity is one of the biggest impacts a retailer can have on their annual revenue.  There are over 3 billion consumers in the world.  If you are not effectively addressing those who fall into your target demographic but in different regions then you are missing a huge opportunity. 

This guide is aimed at giving you information in a practical way that you can use to develop your approach to these potential customers.  There are many areas to take into account, some that are obvious, others that are not, some that don’t seem important but are and others that are key to conversion rates but seem small. I have written this guide with the intent of making simple what can otherwise be an overwhelming, especially with the many companies who make a living out of making things seem difficult. I hope that I have succeeded but you will be the judge of that and please let me know if you think I can improve it in some way.

After working in International Digital Retail for some 12 years I formulated an approach to launching, testing, reviewing and improving Cross Border Trade which I call the Optimal International Expansion Process. It is this process that creates the structure for the rest of the guide.

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